We look forward to accommodating your float trip at The Landing on Current River. For a view of floating vessels, prices, and map of the river, please visit our website at  For additional questions or to make a reservation for floating, we are available 7 days a week beginning at 9:00am. Please call 573-323-8156.

What to expect when you call:

  • During this spring season, reservations are not required, but we appreciate a notice of your arrival to better prepare.
  • If an overnight float is desired, please call the day before so that we can better accommodate the needs of this trip.

What to expect when you arrive:

To check in, drop off is available directly in front of our building, at the main entrance. Parking is available immediately east of the main entrance on the LOWER level.

Payment is required at the time of check in. Payment may be split among multiple individuals within the same party. Cards or cash are both acceptable forms of payment.

Upon completion of your rental/payment, please wait for pick up by your vehicle (or an alternate area directed by the front desk attendant).

Our professional driver will be loaded with all of your rented equipment and will pick up all paid participants and personal items.
All trip destinations are up river and float back to The Landing for takeout.

Upon completion, please ensure our equipment is adequately pulled up onto the river bank safely. It may all be left out and our team will properly put all rented equipment away.

Before leaving to the river, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND leaving your vehicle keys with our front desk. This allows all personal items to be locked safely within your vehicle and there will be NO RISK of losing vehicle keys on the river. Upon completion of the float trip, keys are still safely located at the front desk for pick up.